Motogp: Qualifying Results: Rossi, Lorenzo Fall Break Record

Posted by mawar on 03:21 AM, 08-Nov-15

Jorge Lorenzo fastest racers in so qualifying session last MotoGP season 2015 at the circuit Ricardo Tormo, Valencia, Saturday (7/11) and broke the record held by Marc Marquez, while Valentino Rossi had an accident.

The second session of qualifying was originally controlled by Honda, Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa. Jorge Lorenzo was in the order of three dam Rossi's ninth.

After entering the pit and change tires, turn Lorenzo who sped ahead with a spectacular time, 1 minute 30.011 seconds. 0.226 seconds faster than the best lap record which belonged to Marquez since 2013.

Marc that monitor the pace of Lorenzo via tv monitor, then get out of the garage and try to respond to record the best time of Lorenzo. In sector 1, time is tight, but the following sectors until the finish line time is not added either. The same experienced by Pedrosa.

When the qualifying session in less than a minute, Valentino Rossi crashed. When turning left the bend 8, motornya menggelosor out the track and landed in the gravel. That time he was fixing the record time. Finally he was in position 12.

On the race day Sunday, Rossi will start the last race of the season from a position of the back. Punitive obtained after clashes with Marquez in the Malaysia GP two weeks ago.

A stark contrast to both candidates, world champion Lorenzo start from the front, Rossi most protruding. Lorenzo washcloth call this the in his life. For him, start from the front is very important. honda moge.

Honda Does Retro-Looking Moge

Posted by mawar on 03:37 PM, 05-Jul-15

Honda concept scavenge from being ever so Idol. A motorcycle that is the CB1100R Concept, first appeared in 2007, and the earlier santer called would go into production lines as a retro sport mounts.

The news that exhaled magazine Young Magazine Japan CB1100R, claiming that the Concept of the latest project entry in response to the enthusiasm of the moment made his debut at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Will most likely be built from the CB1100F. It is also a concept model, once developed to change harga yamaha nmax the status of a production version. Unfortunately, the timing of the development of less fit that moment, when the world economy is being carut-marut.

Now, with the start of steady sales, rolled out at the desk back concept development, even more directional at the moment not many brands that have a modern retro beraura moge.

Interestingly, Young Machine speculated that CB1100R will incarnate as CB900R. The magazine often addresses the leakage of the new products are also starting to reverse engineer look, such as the addition of a rear view mirror like on RC213V-S.

The appearance is quite retro style fairing, marked by the past. Touch gold was defended as tradition conditioned cc motorcycles Honda a great era 1981-1983.

Yamaha Indonesia 'leak' Image scooter Blue Core

Posted by mawar on 02:19 PM, 02-Dec-14

After a few weeks since the emergence of interesting code in the list of filing through the Ministry of Industry, Yamaha apparently harga kawasaki ninja 150rr already displaying an image of a motorcycle candidates 'Blue Core' that are likely to be presented in Indonesia.

The poster has also spread to various areas, such as in the city of Bandung, showing the silhouette of the scooter harga viar roda tiga on top of the word 'Blue Core'. The silhouette on the poster refers to a model of Yamaha Mio, Mio precisely GT.

There is no certainty regarding the information that is to uncover the code of this motorcycle. Yamaha before just to make sure that their first motorcycle Blue Core in Indonesia is a motorcycle with a 125 cc engine.

This information was matched with that presented in the Indonesian Motorcycle Show ago that Yamaha 'Blue Core' which will enter Indonesia is a commuter bike (scooter and duck) 125 cc engine.

For the ASEAN region, focusing on commuters. When it comes to commuting, predictably. This policy is in YMC (center), "said M Abidin, GM Service and Motorsport Yamaha Indonesia, on the occasion

Has The Sophistication Of All New Toyota Yaris

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The presence of All New Toyota Yaris with the attractive appearance of being able to tempt the eye. The Kostrada includes Primed Ditya got harga ktm 1190 adventure dan adventure r this hatchback tried his chance.

"It is not only an attractive exterior harga honda vario 150 appearance, many of the advanced features of the latest that has been owned by the All-New Yaris," light of the profession as Prime as an IT Manager in a company in Jakarta Selatan

Prima adds, this car has had a lot of powerful features that correspond to my profession. Moreover, I'm so glad to listen to music. Can I apply a variety of ways to enjoy your favorite music, such as through media DVD, USB, SD Card, Bluetooth connection and wires of the Auxiliary.

He also sheds light on the driver's seat can be elevated or debased. With such devices to obtain the proper driving position more easily.

As for the exterior of the new Toyota Yaris look more sporty and elegant, fierce, making it suitable for both men and women. "The exterior Design looks very cool and macho when I use it," he said.

The bottom line of the Toyota Yaris into a prime choice for when you want to rename the car. "I find it very fitting to use this car, although only tried briefly but had been teasing my heart to buy it," Prima imbuh men aged 33 this year.

Air Flow Smoothly, More FUEL Efficient

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Speed of air flow to the engine via the intake harga honda supra x 125 helm in manifold is very important, so does the temperature of the air, in order to make the engine fuel consumption so more efficiently.

Ways to help maintain the speed of the air harga honda vario techno 125  flow to the engine, there are various kinds, the most important is the method applied should not pose obstacles at high RPM.

Similarly, methods to make the lower intake temperatures. With the intake temperatures lower then the user will be a little more generous in advancing the ignition timing.

To achieve maximum visit efficiency use FUEL with Octane recommended producers, generally the best efficiency gained by using FUEL with Octane number is slightly higher than that recommended in the manual.

"Ideally the FUEL additive that contains enough to keep clean the Injector head & a.k.a., if you use a fuel with the specifications below are recommended in the manual, then it could be a quality FUEL additive is added which contains cleaning agent (detergents)/lubricity agent/Octane improver," close Kiky from Innova Community.

Harley Davidson Ironhead 1965 Cafe Racer, elders of Keladi

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Harley Davidson (H-D) Ironhead alerts this 1965 should get ' help ' to continue life-from a Los Angeles home builder-Hazan with garasinya named Hazan Motorworks.

Harley Ironhead is indeed becoming an old motor which often change their fates become elders keladi getting older is harga ducati 899 panigale ncreasingly becoming-world builder on hand. Not shabby and worn-looking ladi, the builder vied for the beauty of the structure engine V-Twin classic.

In the hands of Hazan, H-D's which he changed into a figure of cafe racer style with simple yet quite up on the machine and harga bmw s1000rr kaki-kakinya. A sleek body design and thin with a big chunk of metal.

Art, making a very idealistic Hazan with each of his work. Not only the character, yet proved each of his pieces become a differentiator among other builder-builder.

Simple concept was the inspiration he got when viewing the form V-Twin engine from the H-D this Ironhead. "I started this project in conjunction with other motor that started the project. The idea that emerged from the legendary motor pamor, unimaginable was the model engine was spectacular, "said Hazan.

Streamlined or sleek styles defined often striped straight combined with aspects of simple black steel creations as well as being an idea that should be visible. Other inspiration came from the classical British moge figures i.e. BSA 500 alerts, 1949.

Rejuvenation machine he left out by replacing transisinya with a custom stock. Don't forget the fuel supplier part he cangkoki with the turbocharger which he bought for US $ 200. The front wheel back on purpose he rubber-textured materials with baluti smooth (slick)-Indy car tires.

Almost all of the work she started from scratch (scratch), ranging from the manufacture of rear to front teromol gir that extra large diameter, unique upholstery and bodywork to metal tubular to spindles. He wanted to represent his desire to motornya creates works that are entirely the result of his idealism.

Extra large front Teromol, Hazan deliberately make it not senormal the size is usually to provide a strong character. Material of aluminum beams that he is working on using CNC machines to create a size 16 inches and the level of precision that he expected.

' If riding Ducati, Marquez will not be world champions '

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Origin of the Italy MotoGP observer, Carlo Pernat confident Repsol Honda racers who had locked harga tvs apache rtr 180 the world title  this season in Japan, Marc Marquez could not possibly similar achievements if just riding a Ducati motorcycle.

Pernat also highlighted the performance of Marquez in the last three series, in which Marquez was knocked harga minerva rx 150 down in Aragon, Spain and Australia. "He should be more careful. He too often do things beyond his ability. He was phenomenal, but it too is taking a risk, "he said to GPOne.

In the style of the famous Marquez racing aggressively and taking too many risks, Pernat was sure the 21-year-old racers will not get the world title when defending the Ducati.

"Sometimes, he did not drop, but the risks are high. If racing for Ducati, he clearly could not possibly win the world title. He would often drop, "close Pernat.

KTM RC200 Sold $ 59 million, Guarantees the comfort!

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Want to power machines between bandingin KTM RC200 with RC390? His sister, however, baseball lost RC200 mumpuninya, bradsis. PT Indonesia KTM Moto (ICM) was officially presented harga kawasaki ninja zx10r with the selling price of Rp RC200 59 million (OTR Jakarta), bradsis..

The presence of this new competitor completes the line-up the motor sport bear aka entry level at 200-250 cc. RC200 designed with tubular frame and provided a capacity of pure 195.5 cc, where obtained from the 72 mm (Bore) x 49 mm (stroke), with a single-cylinder, engine type 4-stroke, and refrigerated liquid.

RC200 claimed capable of spewing power maximum at 25 Ps at 10,000 RPM and a maximum torque of at 19.2 Nm at 8000 rpm. "Nah just that aja, in terms of comfort, the second suspension harga honda beat esp equipped RC200 is qualified to snaking in urban areas," said Aris Susanto, as Marketing Commuication PT ICM.

Same as RC390, also carrying the type RC200 upside-down for front suspension with 43 mm diameter and monoshock rear suspension type, both of which are output from WP. "In addition, radius RC200 wider handlebars. So, if made within a radius of turn in, still can be. Especially if more jammed, "chimes in on Aris.

Well, the reserved price, kayak disebutin above, motor sport fairing which is transmitting 6 this displacement dibanderol at IDR 59 Millions (OTR Jakarta), bradsis. The price is right ' for really competitive motor in his class. Gimana, interested?

Doni Tata national champions Supersport 600 cc

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Sentul (9/12), Doni Tata Pradita finally (Yamaha Yamalube TJM IndoProm KYT Racing Team) became national harga kawasaki ninja zx14r champion class 600 cc supersport IRS season 2012. In , Doni Tata quite finished regardless as long as Dimas Ekky Pratama, teammate. Series Champions this time, m. Fadli Imanuddin (Kawasaki Manual Tech Beet Racing Team). While Doni in second place. While the Dimas in third position.

A fierce fight ensued for the runner up position between Doni Tata, Dimas Ekky, and Shu Satou (Kawasaki JBR Racing Team). Successive drivers fill in second position.

This victory seemed to be the sweet memories of Doni before leaving the Team Yamaha and a career at the forefront of harga kawasaki ninja h2 dan h2r the world in a joint team Gresini Moto2 Federal Oil Racing Team. The victory slightly smelled The Doni luck because with consistency earned the podium. Because in the first series, the defending champion last season, m. Fadli had decided to compete in the 250cc class and then on the second series back to class without falling over so the 600cc points. While the remaining competitors, Dimas Ekky Pratama statistically better at first until the third series, suffered the fate of a fourth series due in the fateful crash. Other potential menjegal racer Doni Sudarmono, call it from tim ASH Motorsport suffered injuries severe enough.

This is it, it's just a TVS Dazz 9,9 Million Rupiah

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Motorcycle matik market in Indonesia is still predominantly a harga yamaha yzf r3 manufacturer  Japan, but now the arrival of new players. Yes, the original motor manufacturer India, TVS Motors launched its first named matik TVS Dazz.

Although not yet officially launched, but this was to be a new matik found in Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ). 110cc-engined motor has harga yamaha mio m3 125 blue core several features that make it a superior confidence to compete amid the heat of the motor market matik in Indonesia.

The most unique, of course the existence of features mobile charger, which is located underneath the handlebars left near a key contact. "This feature does not exist in the other, matik motor so if rush leaves but haven't gotten around to men-charge mobile, can be done on this bike," said Muchlis, Sales-TVS in booth PRJ.

The other, is a feature of parking brake lock or lock the brakes and fuel tank capacity the most in its class because it can hold up to five litres of gasoline. Dazz TVS are available in three colors: white, red, and green this dibanderol for Rp 9.9 million.

In the Arena PRJ, TVS can Dazz in inden with so at least USD 100 thousand, "currently there are new in TVS Dazz PRJ, inden now, three weeks after the PRJ motor has been sent," explained Muchlis. Interested In?